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As basis we use open code technologies:

  • PHP
  • Yii
  • MariaDB
  • Linux
  • Composer
  • Apache
  • MySql
  • Sphinix


To create new systems, we use workframe, which is created by using Yii and theme Ace Admin. The following modules are added in the empty system after the concealment:

  • user administaration module (new user creation, editing, new password for e-mail and role administartion);
  • multi-language module;
  • enterprise system module (user may be attached to different enterprises at the same time and be able to swithc between them);
  • enterprise module - add new eterprises, edit information;
  • person modules;
  • HELP module - gives the opportunity to add usage instructions to any screenl.

Standarized screens are made using CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) generator which includes the following functions:

  • list with filtring and sorting opportunity;
  • form for new record making;
  • view/edit records. editable solution is used for editing, when clicking on data (that has to be edited) a little window appears in which the corrections can be made;
  • connected table records which are included in the screen "view/edit". In this section records may be added, deleted and edited.

Systems are created from modules which can be added to the system if needed. At the given moment are used the following modules:

  • attachment module - can add to any table. Unlimited amount of files can be added to a single table while also adding a note and its type;
  • auditpieraksta module which can be added to any table. Automaticly registers all changes, and change history can be seen at records, including conected tables.
  • currency module which automaticly uploads data from 
    • Latvijas Banka (ECB);
    • Lietuvas Bankas (special exchange rate for accounting);
    • Russian Central Bank Exchange Rate;
  • bill module;
  • e-mail sending module;
  • messangers - guarenteesinner nformation exchange which can be added to a specific table's record (for instance, for bills);
  • Calendar - is used for holiday, vacation and weekend days regestration, which later on can be used for calculations (for instance, vacation accounting);
  • QR Code - QR code generation;
  • API module - allows to create an API interface;
  • EDIFACT - guarentees EDIFACT message processing;
  • coda card module - while autorizing, users, for extra security, use code cards;

Composer is used to update and create new libaries.

New system's creation process:

  • the new system is created on workframe base;
  • add already existing modules, if needed their functionality can be altered;
  • while making new modules;
    • creates tables in data base with relations;
    • generates modules for tables;
    • generates necessary screen CRDU (Create, Read, Update, Delete);
    • corrects screens;
    • adds business logic to tables;
    • creates unit tests