Dati "Mākonī"

DATA IN ‘Cloud’

Even nowadays most companies use Excel for saving and editing data.


  • Easy to use
  • Accessibility
  • Easily can be adjusted


  • Cannot be used by more than one user at the same time
  • Data can be lost or damaged because of technical mistakes
  • Cannot control who has and who hasn’t access
  • Audit trailed

To avoid these problems we offer to transfer any Excel data to ‘Cloud data’ solutions:

  • All data is in the same place in are accessible by using the Internet
  • Comfortable WEB interface for data input and checking
  • More than one user at the same time has access to data
  • User's actions traceability
  • Information control (user sees only what he is allowed to see)
  • Safety of data


‘Cloud data’ technology’s advantages:

  • Open code solutions ( it’s evolving really fast; project can be handed over to other programmers)
  • Screens are made using newest WEB standards
  • Are used programme code template and generator which provides: high quality; speeds up system’s creation


Establishment process

  • Get to know with existing data and process
  • Creation of database’s structure
  • Input screen creation using templates and code generators
  • Additional functions are added to the screen (calculations, validation)
  • Testing
  • Product is handed over to the client
  • Upgrades and corrections are made by client’s request
  • Reports are made
  • Maintenance and improvements are made