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Conveyors production records

Production records is done at the same time on multiple conveyers. Data is gathered in a server.

This system consists of optical sensors, controllers, Linux server. On each conveyer an optical sensor system is placed which is connected with the controller.

Sensor placement and programm alghorithms guarentee mistake safe production accounting in movement (situations in which the conveyer has stopped are analized to avoid it).

Data is in MySql in it is located in data base. Data can be accesed by using the Internet.

Systems main tasks are:

  • Create a production plan in which are assigned the following parametres - production type, count, conveyer's number;
  • production type control when production has begun - to know if production is following its plan, the products bar code is read with bar code reader;
  • registers production begining;
  • counts produced production;
  • shows how much is produceed and how much has to be made in any given moment;
  • registers conveyers pauses that are longer than the given time.


  • the precise quantity of produced product;
  • production speed can be seen;
  • opportunity to analize, why did the conveyer stop;
  • actual satus cen bee seen for all conveyors at the sam time;

Server's additional functions;

  • to access the server, one can use the Internet, simmilarly, the same way how one logs in Facebook;
  • server aplication provides user's registration, password and different accessability to content;
  • easy to exchange data with different systems, such as, accounting system.

All conveyer controlers are added to LAN network or a computer using an USB. If LAN is used, then controllers send the information directly to the server; however, if a computers USB, then a computer collects recieved data and sends it further to the server.