Vessel managment system

Program is created based on PHP and MySql.

Main functionality:

  • Budget module includes budget planning for each vessel, monitoring and analysis;
  • Requisitions module includes the ability to create requisitions and their further processing, request of suppliers for price quotation, ordering and delivery confirmation. The ability to create suppliers database;
  • Maintenance module includes planned technical maintenance schedule for ship’s equipment counting time intervals or running hours. Job execution control. The ability to create defect reports;
  • Certification module includes the ability to create a list of ships' certificates with possibility to attach an electronic copy of the certificate and control certificates validity;
  • Voyage module includes calculation and analysis of voyage cost efficiency, taken into account freight rate, trip time, fuel consumption, port charges and other expenses. Also calculation and analysis of ship’s energy efficiency;
  • Documentation module includes company safety management system manuals, circulars and forms, as well as any other documents. Transmission in electronic format between vessel and office, delivery and familiarization confirmation and archivation.